Winter vs Summer Olympics

Are we a winter Olympic Country only?

It is tough to not believe the statement that we are a winter Olympic country. 18 medals 4 years ago, 18 medals this year, show Canada’s consistency. There was some disappointment with disqualifications and some of our medal hopefuls not producing but all in all it was a good Olympics.

But why do we consider ourselves a “winter” country not “summer”?

Last time I checked and correct me if I am wrong, we swim indoor, we dive indoor, we have a indoor track facility, we have places to horse jump… where is the disconnect? Even though Edmonton has 11 months of winter, it does not make us a “Winter Olympic” city: Does it?

I see two issues why we don’t “succeed”!

Issue number one is the amount of countries that go to the summer compared to winter. Nearly triple the amounts of countries go to the summer compared to the winter. (Not a lot of Jamaican bobsled teams).

Issue number two is the funding. There are places that allow the athletes to focus on their event. Not work and practice. If we funded the athletes appropriately we might see better results. Where the money comes from is a good question, but as an outside observer, you get what you pay for.