Who Needs A Toboggan When…

Who needs a toboggan, when you’ve got household items and a little imagination?

 Edmontonians are pretty resourceful when it comes to figuring out ways to enjoy the snowy weather, without spending much, if any, money at all.

Some of you will hop on a piece of cardboard and go down a hill, while others will sit in a laundry basket to launch off some pretty sweet jumps.

Some of you get a little more creative, and with that…a little crazier.  As if riding down a hill, on a frying pan, isn’t enough…how about strapping one to each foot and flying down the hill.  It’s just as safe as skiing, isn’t it?  No?  OK…

My favourite suggestion has to be using the hood of your car.  Not only does it sound extremely dangerous, it’s also efficient.  You can cram a  lot more of you onto the hood of a car, than onto a small toboggan.  My only question…do I have to be mechanically inclined to be able to ride down the hill?

Fell free to send me more suggestions…I love it.  You can also send me pictures of you using your toboggan alternative.