What’s your family emergency plan?

It’s Emergency Preparedness Week across Canada until May 11. We hear about emergencies and disasters in the news on a regular bases, which should be a reminder to review your plan, but what if you don’t have one? If you’re like me, I just didn’t know where to start! It can seem overwhelming, but imagine how much more overwhelming it would be if you were in the middle of an emergency and you didn’t know how to connect with your husband/wife or children.

This week is dedicated to helping us make those first steps to keeping track of the important things in life should the unthinkable happen.

Here are 7 tips to help guide you through making your family emergency plan.

Day 1: Check out the new e-book on GetPrepared.ca.

Day 2: Sign up for Safety Tips. Public Safety Canada emails monthly safety tips about emergency preparedness to subscribers. Sign up here: Saftey Tips 

Day 3: Check out your supplies at home. Make a list and check it twice. What should you have in this emergency kit? Here’s a list: Emergency Kit

Day 4: Talk to your kids about emergencies. Your kids might be wondering why you’re making emergency kits and downloading emergency information, so here are some talking points for you as you engage them in preparing for any sort of emergency. Talking Points

Day 5: Check out the Canadian Disaster Database

Day 6: Make a Plan. It takes only a few minutes and you can create yours online at: Your Plan

Day 7: Spread the word!