What Not to Buy at a Dollar Store

‘To buy or not to buy’ is apparently the question today as we opened up discussion on going to one of the many dollar stores in town to purchase specific items such as party supplies.  It would just seem obvious that there are things you shouldn’t purchase there, but is it really that obvious? I remember hearing about the various dollar store recalls on certain toys due to choking hazards or kitchen utensils that were made out of toxic plastic.  So is the old saying really true? 

You get what you pay for.

As we all know, price can be an indication of quality and something with a higher price has a perceived higher value, but this may not be the case.  Sometimes it’s just grossly marked up so someone can make a sweet profit.  Then there are those rare cases of the coveted bargain.  Something that actually does have a high value/worth, but we get for an amazingly low price! So how do you know if something is a real bargain v.s. something that is simply cheap, not durable and/or potentially harmful to your family?

In the case of the dollar store, here are some ideas of what to and not to buy.

What to Buy at the Dollar Store and What to Skip story