Watch where you surf!


Searching online for "music" or "screensavers" may seem like a fun idea, but beware! These are two of the riskiest search terms you can use since they often produce malicious results that could harm your computer or even steal your personal and financial information. McAfee, the anti-virus software specialist, analyzed more than 2,600 of the most popular search terms to assess the degree of risk for each one. The 9 riskiest search terms and the percentage that contain malware:

1. Screensavers (59.1%)

2. Free work from home (40%)

3. Free (21.3%)

4. Free music downloads (20.7%)

5. Game cheats (16.7%)

6. Word unscrambler (16.1%)

7. Lyrics (14.8%)

8. Free games (6.8%)

9. Work from home (3.1%)