The Watch and The Watchmaker

I often find myself searching for that one difinitive proof of God’s existence.  That one tangible example.  

What I have long been searching for, has been in front of me, clear as day.  Things are too complicated to have happened just by chance.

Thomas Aquinas, theologian, said this:

1. Everything in the universe depends on something else for its existence.

2. What is true of its individual parts is also true of the universe itself;

3. The universe thus depends on something else for its existence for as long as it has existed or will exist.

4. The universe thus depnds on God for its existence.

I’m not about to debate ‘Creation vs Evolution’.  I don’t think that’s the point.  (Who says both can’t be right in their own roundabout way?)  

What I am saying is that taking a look at all things before us, everything seems to be so meticulousy working together, that I find it hard to believe it happened by chance.

‘If there was a watch, there must also be a watchmaker.’ – William Paley