Michael Lock

I was 14 years old in 1984 when I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I was at a Christian Camp Ground called Rocky Ridge Ranch sitting on a rock I had a God Encounter which led me to ask the Lord to forgive me and to come into my life.

Over the years my walk had been very shaky but the love I had for the Lord grew deep.
I came from a broken home, I was filled with guilt and shame, and rejection kept me in a deep dark prison.
As much as I loved the Lord issues had grown deep within not knowing I too can be set free, but the journey in life led me to have relationships end which caused me not to trust anyone.
It wasn’t until my baggage led me to being homeless,I turned to drugs and alcohol to try and numb my pain I truly believed I was heading to die and end up in Hell, I felt hopeless and I felt like a big hypocrite knowing the truth but now in sin.
I hit rock bottom and depression set in I was listening to the lies rather than hearing the Lord call me, I was arrested and put in jail it was a hidden blessing I cleaned myself up by choosing to walk away from the drugs and alcohol and trying to find my way back to the Lord.
After a week behind bars one night I was awakened by a loud voice calling out to me, it was the Lord, I woke up to another God Encounter, Jesus came right into my Cell, I jumped out of bed and fell to his feet, I knew it was Jesus visiting I knew his voice.
Whenever Jesus shows up everything comes in alignment and he rebuked fear rejection, guilt and shame and a peace embraced me, covering me like a blanket, I wept as I asked for forgiveness.
Over the years I know longer hide behind a mask behind the guilt and shame, the Lord said I allowed you to come here to stop running so I can meet with me.
I now walk with Grace and Mercy I been set free from the guilt and shame and he healed me.
The Lord has Blessed me I married my Best Friend Brenda who we will be celebrating going on 8 years.
The Lord is faithful to complete the work in me.