I listened to Shine FM before it became an FM station and I have loved it since I first started listening. Music has been such an important part of my life as far back as I can remember . It has helped me through many abusive situations as a child and a teenager and has helped me feel loved and held by Jesus throughout these dark and lonely times. I love a variety of music and love that you play Toby Mac, Kutless, Fee, Sidewalk prophets, Trevor Morgan etc… I love it all. Of course now to show my age, I grew up with Amy Grant, David Meece, Keith Green and MWSmith. Still love them all, but love the new stuff too!! We moved to BC about 8 years ago and I still stream in Shine FM (Edmonton) as my main radio station. I listen to you at work everyday and am constantly writing down new songs and artists to get my teenage son (who loves music as much as I do) to listen to and he loves them as well. Our itunes library has increased greatly due to your station. The music you play has continued to encourage me through some major life changing events and you always seem to play the song that I need at just the right moment. Thanks so much for sticking it out and continuing to bring Good and life changing music to a world that so desparatley needs to hear and be reminded that Jesus loves them and He Cares about what they (we) are going through!! Blessings to you all!!