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Lamuel Sadiq

I am Lamuel Sadiq from Pakistan.
This is my testimoney:
My life was not Christian way of living rather then that my father was a Pastor and teacher he always teach us that come to the Jesus but I always regret but one day on 10 of June 2006 I was on some training program in my father’s Church one man of God was from South Africa he was teaching the words of God from John 3:16 and that was the turning point of my Christian life his words was so heart touching that Lord Jesus directly spoke to me and in my prayer he showed me the vision of serving in the kids.
My forefather was not Christian they belong to Hindu family and my father was the first person that who accepted lord Jesus Christ as his personal savior that is turning point of my fathers and his family life was started for Christianity.
I am married man and God has blessed me with beautiful family i have two kids daughter Jenny Lamuel and son Jason Lamuel and beloved wife Saba.
Thank God now I am serving in the Lord and doing ministry in Sunday school kids, youth, widows and bricks makers families.

Please do continue prayer for me and my family and ministry that God has given me.

Lamuel Sadiq.
Director: Kids Mission Pakistan
Whatsaap no: +92 305 4222734

Michael Lock

I was 14 years old in 1984 when I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I was at a Christian Camp Ground called Rocky Ridge Ranch sitting on a rock I had a God Encounter which led me to ask the Lord to forgive me and to come into my life.

Over the years my walk had been very shaky but the love I had for the Lord grew deep.
I came from a broken home, I was filled with guilt and shame, and rejection kept me in a deep dark prison.
As much as I loved the Lord issues had grown deep within not knowing I too can be set free, but the journey in life led me to have relationships end which caused me not to trust anyone.
It wasn’t until my baggage led me to being homeless,I turned to drugs and alcohol to try and numb my pain I truly believed I was heading to die and end up in Hell, I felt hopeless and I felt like a big hypocrite knowing the truth but now in sin.
I hit rock bottom and depression set in I was listening to the lies rather than hearing the Lord call me, I was arrested and put in jail it was a hidden blessing I cleaned myself up by choosing to walk away from the drugs and alcohol and trying to find my way back to the Lord.
After a week behind bars one night I was awakened by a loud voice calling out to me, it was the Lord, I woke up to another God Encounter, Jesus came right into my Cell, I jumped out of bed and fell to his feet, I knew it was Jesus visiting I knew his voice.
Whenever Jesus shows up everything comes in alignment and he rebuked fear rejection, guilt and shame and a peace embraced me, covering me like a blanket, I wept as I asked for forgiveness.
Over the years I know longer hide behind a mask behind the guilt and shame, the Lord said I allowed you to come here to stop running so I can meet with me.
I now walk with Grace and Mercy I been set free from the guilt and shame and he healed me.
The Lord has Blessed me I married my Best Friend Brenda who we will be celebrating going on 8 years.
The Lord is faithful to complete the work in me.


I am from a strong Christian family, and was homeschooled grades 1 through 12. But my childhood wasn’t always happy.
I am a bit of a loner, and tend to keep a lot of things to myself. Because of this, a lot of the time when I was going through something difficult, I usually kept it from my family.
I first prayed with my mom to ask Jesus into my heart when I was 5 years old, but I didn’t quite realize the full meaning of it. As years went by, I often wondered if God actually loved me, and if I was really saved. At 14 years old, I went to visit my family, and spent a lot of time with my 15 yr old cousin, who was an atheist. He was a bad influence on me, and though I didn’t realize it at the time, he really shook what faith I had. 3 months after that, my Grandma passed away, and my baby brother died. I couldn’t understand why God would do something like that to our family, and began to grow very bitter against God. I became extremely depressed started drinking and having suicidal thoughts. There came a day where I was completely alone for a while, and I truly thought that I would end my life then. But it was as if God reached out his hand and stopped me. I just couldn’t do it. I still tried to debunk the entire Christian doctrine. Of course, it wasn’t possible. Then, one evening, I was taking a walk, and then I heard it clear as day,”Go, read the book of John”. And so I was like,”Okay.” And as I read that first chapter, something changed. When I reached verse 12 of the first chapter, I started to cry. God did love me. He loved me so much that he wanted to adopt me into his kingdom! Right then and there, my eyes were opened. Jesus had died for ME, and paid for MY sins. And he wanted ME to come to be with him in heaven one day! As I got down on my knees that night, I asked Jesus to save me and come into my heart, and he did! Ever since that day I have been filled with a great sense of peace and hope for the future.
I am now 17 years old, and I still struggle with depression. However, I’ve also learned to depend on God, and bring all my troubles to him, whatever they may be. As I go through life’s highs and lows, I can always lean on my greatest comfort: I am forever a child of God!


The Lord saved my soul when I was in my mid-twenties – I was one of those few that had a ‘blow-your-socks-off’ experience and the memory is still very vivid.

I was 25 years old when the Lord started to draw me and it started with passing by a group of Christians on the street corner one summer – people I didn’t know & never met – talking amongst themselves – talking about being born again. I knew nothing of the Bible or why Yeshua (Jesus) died on a cross. I was walking with my sister, and as we got a few meters away from them I asked her, in a rhetorical kind of way, “How can someone be born again? What’s that even mean?” She shrugged. I continued, “You can’t go back into your mother’s womb, so it has to mean something else!” This is where the seed took root. Two weeks later, feeling wretched in my sin and scared to death of dying, I found myself alone one evening, on my knees in my bedroom, crying out to a God I wasn’t even sure existed. I confessed my every sin I could think of (because if there was a God and if He was going to accept me, He needed to know what He was getting – a wretched sinful person) and I told God that He had to prove He was real because I wasn’t sure if I was talking to open air – I told Him that if there is any way He could save me, I would serve Him forever and I meant it from the core of my being. I told Him He could punish me all the days of my life, if He would only save my soul at the end of it. (I knew in my heart I was destined for hell and I so wanted to know Him & heaven.) I did not grow up in a Christian home. I had heard of Yeshua/Jesus, but had no idea the reason for Him having to die on a cross. I recall asking God about that, saying, ‘What kind of Father puts His Son on a cross? And why?? Who does that?!’

Two weeks after that, I met a Christian man who witnessed to me and told me the truth of the gospel – why Yeshua had to die and what that meant and what I had to do to become a Christian. I got myself a Bible & started studying it every night, with Concordance in hand, as soon as I got home from work and I didn’t put that Book down until bedtime. I did this every night for several months because I had to know that the gospel was actually true as I was not going to surrender to Someone or something if it wasn’t true. This went on until Resurrection Sunday in 1992. I woke up that day and could feel God’s hand, like a father’s hand, on my back, and He said to me, “Today, I am going to introduce you to My Son.” Shivers went up my spine as this voice came out of nowhere, but the peace I also had that morning was beyond anything I ever experienced before in my life up until that point. I felt so safe. ‘He had me.’

It was after the message at church service when everyone was standing & singing – I looked up at the ceiling as if I were looking up at God, and I quietly said to Him in my heart & mind, “I believe that Yeshua is Who He claims to be – the risen Son of God – You can have me now …” And in an instant I was caught up into a vision …

It was like I was caught up into a whirlwind and then I was suddenly in a small, yet tall, dark, dank cell of stone & mortar with no windows and a solid locked door. I could sense it was filthy and it smelled musty. As I looked up, a tiny bit of light caught my attention – it was squeezing it’s way through. As that light came through, it started breaking the stone around it until there was nothing but rubble about my feet and I was surrounded by pure Light and pure Love and I knew this was God. His love was so intense that my body couldn’t handle it. It was the only true love I had ever known at that point in my life and I started sobbing body rocking sobs when He said to me, “He who the Son sets free is free indeed … You. Are. Mine. Nothing and no one can snatch you out of My hand. You. Are. Mine.” Then suddenly, the gift of tongues was imparted to me and it welled up inside me, edifying me and then His peace that came with it was beyond understanding and the joy was so indescribable. I took His hand that day and have never looked back. That was almost three decades ago now.

The man who shared the gospel with me all those years ago asked me to be his wife – were were married not long after my conversion. We have three amazing grown kids. I have known many joys in my life – getting married – having kids – but the joy that God gives far surpasses any earthly joy. I have also known loss in my life, like health when diagnosed with MS, and my Lord was with me in them. Due to abuse in my family of origin – long story short – they are no longer in my life, but during that time God gave me two more visions within the span of a few weeks where He told me, ‘Though your father and mother forsake you, I will not forsake you … You. Are Mine.’ God has held to that promise. In fact, so many things that I prayed for, He went over and above what I expected. He’s blown my socks off a lot in this life. He lifted me out of the miry pit and He has been the Rock under my feet and the strength I need in my life. I cannot imagine my life without Him. Choosing to take His outstretched hand was the best thing I could have ever done. He called me, He chose me and I acquiesced.

My message is this – you can trust Him not only with your soul but your circumstances as well – even when it seems hopeless and there is no light – He will be the Light in the wee top corner of that dark cell. To God be all the glory forever and forever.

He is the Light in dark places.

Matthew 11:28-29
John 14:6


When I was first looking into Christianity, Chris Tomlin was the first Christian artist that really hit home for me. My roommate and good friend left a CD Hello Love out at our place and I played it bored one day. I then made a copy of it and played on loop for probably the next 2 months straight!


So here is the story of how I left The Mennonite Colony in Mexico

So I grew up in Chihuahua, Mexico. There’s so many Mennonite colonies in Mexico. and ours was called “Old Colony Mennonites” basically the oldest order since Menno Simons created the group back in the 1500’s. Anyways, growing up, we were always taught to read and write in high German in school (we speak low German) and the school was based off only reading the Bible. but we weren’t allowed to understand or know what was actually in the bible. At 15, embarrassing to say, but got pregnant. and Mennonite rules are, “cant have a baby out of wedlock” and this was with a guy I knew nothing about. so I was forced to get married at 16, and before you get married, you have to get “baptized into the colony” (again, in high German. so we had no clue what was being promised or said).
so I got baptized, married and life seemed whatever for awhile.
In 2011, when I was pregnant with my 3rd, my then husband went to work (up to a week at a time), and I went for a walk with my 2 kids. and we passed this Christian store, and I was able to read and understand some English. so I decided to see what was in it. my mind was blown, I didn’t know there were stories in there. I thought it was a rule book. and the owner sees me reading, and asks why I just don’t buy it. I had to explain I was a Mennonite wife, so no money, and wasn’t even supposed to know what was in there. So he bought it for me, sweet soul. I took it home and hid it in my mattress.
They did eventually find out I had the bible, but I had read enough to know what the Mennonites taught was wrong. Got in trouble and they took it away. That’s when I started planning my escape. took me till 2014 to actually escape. I had to convince my husband to go to Canada, because they have laws here, in Mexico they’d put me in “Mennonite rehab” for 3 months, it’s basically a torture place, I told him” were gonna have 4 kids, Canada is a better option”, it worked, we came here. Told him I wanna get a job to help support the kids, he said yes. but I told the owner at the time to keep half my paycheck so that when I leave, I had enough to help me at first. he did. then about 6 months after, I left. it was horrible, the colony men, the cops, my family, it was way too much. and me, I’m a quiet loving, forgiving person. it took so so much not to just go back. I lost everything. and was now living in an English world, barely speak English, kids didn’t speak English at all. wow. I still don’t know how I got through all that. God was there every step.
Now, 5 years later, I Got my GED, went to massage school, kids speak better English than me, doing great! And I just opened up my own little business in January. It was a tough 10 years, a long time to get where I am. But the journey, is amazing!


Hello to everyone out there going through hard times. I’m a thirty-one year old woman who would like to share some encouragement.
I do not have a fantastic story to share however. You know the kind of story I mean, the Job type of story where a person goes through a very difficult time and then God completely changes everything and then everything sounds great after that.
In a sense I’ve been waiting to have a story like that to share. Those stories are great of course and even the stories of God just brightening up a person’s day are also great.
But here I want to share something else. What I want to share is my experience of God’s never-failing help to persevere.
I’ve struggled a lot in life since I was a child, but of course who hasn’t. I gave my life to Christ when I was five and grew up in a Christian home, but still I’ve struggled. I don’t want to go into detail, but suffice to say the struggles I’ve had as a child have continued into adulthood. Over the years I’ve felt many many times that life is just too hard. Pain and suffering just never seem to end. Even today I’m still fighting those feelings. Everyone though probably struggles with them regularly to some degree.
However, no matter how many times I feel like that, and feel as if I don’t even have the strength to go on anymore, the Lord never ceases to pick me up again.
Never has He left me to survive on my own. I’ll be really upset one day, and then suddenly the next or a few days later I’m once again inexplicably full of peace and even hope for the future when I didn’t have any before.
Our Heavenly Father truly is “the God of all comfort” as Paul describes Him in 2 Corinthians 1:3-4. I know this of course first of all because of His Word, but after a number of years of living I also know it from experience.
So if you yourself are struggling right now know that the Lord is not far from you and wants to help you through it. If you are a believer just reach out and let your Savior comfort you. Sometimes I think were not willing to let Him help us through.
If you however have not yet repented of your sins, of all the wrong you’ve ever done, and chosen to believe that Jesus Christ the God man died for you on the cross for your sins and came to life again, then do so now. Your eternal salvation depends on it.
When you do you will also receive the Holy Spirit (God Himself) who will also comfort you in your suffering in life as He has for me.
I hope all who read this are encouraged.
Be comforted today.


Jon Nagal

I grew up in a christian home. But I always turned my back on God. I loved my sins. I overindulged in smoking, drinking, drugs, among other things. I had anger issues and had a bad temperment. Even after time and again God blessed me, specially giving me a wonderful wife and daughter, I still found myself cursing him when things don’t go my way. My mom, sister, and wife prayed and implored me to go back to God. I was too proud and foolish to believe that I don’t need Him. Until a moment in my life, during which I reached total brokenness spiritually and physically that I finally turd to our Lord. He forgave me for my sins and delivered me from all of my iniquities. I am a new born again christian. And I fully submit my life to His authority and trust His sovereignty in my life. I eagerly serve Him and thanks to Shine FM who accompanied me since the day I turned to Jesus. Your station along with the Word of God have been my sources of constant inspiration.

Heather Roy

I’ve been raised by Christian believers – my parents. After high school I turned my back on the Lord for many years. I was at a point in my life that nothing satisfied me. I was empty. I was angry and blamed everything but myself. I felt this urge to go to Alliance Church with my two sons. After the service I cried and asked the Lord for forgiveness. I was born again. Words cannot describe what I felt. Hope and faith. My husband renewed his faith and became a Christian. We are going towards the right direction with the Lord in the middle. I love listening to your station. Thank you 🙂

Edith Sesay

I listen to this station every day and for me the music are prayers, they uplift my soul and they usher me into the presence of God.


I called in 1 yr ago about music from Toby Mac that I did not understand what he was saying then my marriage fell apart and his music came alive to me and all the other beautiful songs you play feed me every time i listen, there is always some connection in my life’s journey with Him. My life is full of encourage from the Lord and He continues to fill it with comfort and joy at this time for me to be encouraged with strength and love.


I listened to Shine FM before it became an FM station and I have loved it since I first started listening. Music has been such an important part of my life as far back as I can remember . It has helped me through many abusive situations as a child and a teenager and has helped me feel loved and held by Jesus throughout these dark and lonely times. I love a variety of music and love that you play Toby Mac, Kutless, Fee, Sidewalk prophets, Trevor Morgan etc… I love it all. Of course now to show my age, I grew up with Amy Grant, David Meece, Keith Green and MWSmith. Still love them all, but love the new stuff too!! We moved to BC about 8 years ago and I still stream in Shine FM (Edmonton) as my main radio station. I listen to you at work everyday and am constantly writing down new songs and artists to get my teenage son (who loves music as much as I do) to listen to and he loves them as well. Our itunes library has increased greatly due to your station. The music you play has continued to encourage me through some major life changing events and you always seem to play the song that I need at just the right moment. Thanks so much for sticking it out and continuing to bring Good and life changing music to a world that so desparatley needs to hear and be reminded that Jesus loves them and He Cares about what they (we) are going through!! Blessings to you all!!


A few months ago I was going through an unbelievably hard time. I was dealing with a horrible phase of deppresion and I always felt alone. My faith was completely lost and I didn’t know what to do. I started listening to Shine FM and honestly, it helped me so much, I can’t even explain. All day everyday I listened to Shine, at school, at home even while I slept! It brought me back to prayer and helped me to rekindle my relationship with Christ <3 Forever I will be grateful for you Shine FM thank you for saving me <3


I’ve been a Christian all my life. REAlly a PK. (If you know what that is!) I ended up edmonton 12 years ago, divorced and broken. God has picked me up and loved me. It’s been hard, Harder than hard. Alone in another country can cause you to spend many nights with The Lord. Then I became seriously ill, my beloved family members started to die. ( Their lives belonged to the Lord so I may miss them but they are having the times of their lives.!!!) I am ill, without a treatment. I have misses so much work that I am finally being let go. I have some good friends from church who will help me out a bit here. But through out all of this.. PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!! The love for him never changes. I do just want to praise him. I’m not necessarily praising him for my situation but just Praise for being him!!!!! How can I be angry at God. I gave my life to Him. For better or for worse. I will stick with him. I’m not liking where I am at right now but… He won’t leave me here. And the things I am learning through all this is amazing. Things like “…. yes,… He is going to take care of me! Not will he…. but yes he is!! I’ll leave you now. I don’t know if anyone reads these. If so please pray, I have to travel tomorrow, I hate flying!! LOL be gone without a computer for a week. God bless you every one!


Sept 1st… I found my way back to God…The spirits of depression, addiction and suicide were taken from me that night.. I wanted to die that night and God wanted me to live….He sent his angels and found me in a tiny chat room…. 9 days later… My husband and I were woken by the police…My 23 yr daughter was in an accident… 18 hours later.. after a lot of prayer.. faith and family surrounding her… She went to be with Jesus… I thought God would save her as he had saved me… I prayed for strength… to get thru this… and He had given me more than I knew I could ever have… Thru the first few days.. My new Christian friends played me many songs… One week after her funeral.. We were taken to a concert…Jeremy Camp was one of the artists..Thru the pamphlets we received I found SHINE FM EDMONTON. Last week I heard the song I had heard 4 moths ago…I prayed 2 nights ago to God to help me find that song… I looked here on your played list…It was not there.. I prayed for God to lead me to it… He did.. I cried so hard when I listened again as I did the first time…And I felt him… holding me… comforting my broken heart… non stop for 4 months… I thank God for Natalie Grant.. HELD….Holds me together in the Arms of Jesus… We now attend my daughter’s church.. My husband was saved at that concert… I trust God has a plan for our lives… I know someday we will see our daughter again ……In Heaven… I have attached a picture ……………………My Grandaughter…Learning Peace from My daughter……


Since forever, I have believed and trusted in Him! I have still, been a disobedient son. I have been a musician since forever but had been never one for worship music until about 5 years ago… 1st song… They don’t serve breakfast in hell… it made me laugh and I had no interest, at that very moment, in any other music anymore even though the turmoil/hell in my life right now makes it sometimes very hard to listen! This music has been another blessed connection I have with HIM!


Blessings to you, i just finished attending Breakforth for the 10th year and it was very powerful. There seemed to be a theme throughout that could be summed up with this “The Hurt and The Healer” (Mercy Me must have got the memo) This statement can be applied to those who attended and others in the Church Family and of course those not found yet. A Weekend for the World!