Remembering Kristen Fersovitch

I was taken back by the news that she was gone. I didn’t know her well, but I do remember the first time I met her.

I was on a drama team and we had been brought in to teach her missions team some street dramas to use on their trip.  The whole team was great to work with, but there was one person that stood out; Kristen Fersovitch (Miller). Her big smile, inner joy that shone like a spotlight and her voice; one couldn’t help but be drawn to her.  I had the pleasure of running into her from time to time in the years that followed and I was always amazed at her ability to make you feel as though you mattered.  She had this quality that made you feel at ease in her presence. 

I really thought God would perform a miraculous miracle and heal Kristen, but I guess in a way He did.  I don’t know why it seems as though God takes all the good ones. It seems rather selfish, but on the other hand, her suffering is over and the amazing impact she had on those around her will leave a legacy of hope and faith. She is my reminder to see the good in others and no matter what the circumstance you are facing, to draw close to God. As we head into this Thanksgiving long weekend, I am grateful for Kristen’s time here and for the lives she positively impacted.

Here’s a lovely tribute to a women who lived a fuller life in 30 years than others do in 80.  It was a life full of love, laughter and music even through the difficult times.