Remembering John Berry

It didn’t really hit me until last night, while I was out running errands.  Hudson and I were driving around the west end, when ‘Mountaintop’ by The City Harmonic came on the radio.

Instantly I was reminded of John Berry.

Everytime that song would come on the radio, between 4 and 6 in the afternoon, I’d hear this voice, over the in-studio speakers telling me to ‘turn it up’.  That’s all he’d say.  He just wanted to hear his song.

John was the guy who made my adjustment to Edmonton that much easier.  Every afternoon, I’d be greeted with this warm cheerful voice asking me about my day, and what I had for supper the night before.

John loved food…more importantly, John loved making food. I’m disappointed by two things.

1. John took me out for wings one of my first days here.  I never got to repay him by getting the next order.

2. On a number of occasions John invited me to bring my family over to his place, for a meal.  It never worked out. 

I only knew him for a few months, but I know many of you have known his voice for years, or maybe you even grew up with him as a media personality in this great city.  Any way you put it, he had a great affect on people and will definitely be missed.

Everytime I hear ‘Mountaintop’ now, I will always think of John Berry.  

Right now John is smiling down on us…he’s standing up on that mountaintop…he’s seen the glory of our King.