Quiz Time! – Is it time to quit your job?

As I slowly got ready for work this morning I thought, ‘Even though I feel like throwing my alarm clock to the ground and sleeping till at least 6am, I’m grateful for my job and I’m looking forward starting a new week,’ but it wasn’t always like this for me. In my early employment days I was a swing manager at McDonalds. I was fine with the evening shifts, loved the crew I worked with, but those morning shifts… The night before I had to wake up early (back then 6am was early), I would have a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach in grave anticipation (or dread) of the upcoming workday.

Well, if you feel like I use to, maybe you should start looking for a new job according to this quiz. So… is it time to quit your job? 

Here’s the link to take the quiz: Is it time to quit you job?