Protecting Your Pets

Sadly, several pet poisoning cases have been reported in North Edmonton (122ave/64st).  In the wake of this, the Edmonton Humane Society has released a few things to keep in mind this Fall to help protect your pets. 

*         Do not allow your pets to ever roam unsupervised
*         Scan your backyard for anything unexpected and suspicious spotted in the yard, and make sure gates are closed before letting your pets outside
*         While on walks or at off-leash parks, always supervise your pets to make sure that they are not eating anything on the ground
*         Keep pets away from places sprayed with pesticides or herbicides and also away from where the chemicals are stored
*         Keep the Alberta Pet Poison Hotline number handy just in case: 1-800-213-6680;
*         If you take your pets out for a walk near a pond or neighborhood lake, pets should not be allowed to drink the water as it could contain harmful bacteria
*         Distract your pets from stalking or chasing a bee or wasp.  It is common for pets to be stung in the summer and fall.

If a member of the public has information about the Montrose files that Edmonton Police are investigating, they are urged to call EPS at 780-423-4567.