Stephanie Nicole

Photo by Light the Iris Photography, Calgary, AB

Join Stephanie Nicole every weekday from 10am – 2pm!

Stephanie Nicole also co-hosts the Shine FM Top Ten on the weekends with her husband, Johnny Mac.

Stephanie’s first time on the air was when she was asked to be the voice for a small town Manitoba cheese factory commercial. While recording the part, she was encouraged to apply for a summer job at the radio station, which eventually led to a morning show position at a Christian radio station in Winnipeg. When she moved to Alberta, she joined the Shine FM team and it changed her life! There, she met her amazing husband, Johnny Mac. These days, they are enjoying a full family life with their four children.

Stephanie brings a positive outlook to your work week, playing music that makes your spirit soar, sharing a daily look at God’s Word, giving away great prizes, and chatting about things that matter.

On the weekends, catch up with her on the Shine FM Top Ten, where you can laugh along with the lighter side of life, listen to the week’s top music and find a bit of encouragement for your weekend.