Need Your Prayers

Maria from Fabulous Balloons has been working with us for years. We have a wonder relationship and she is such a wonderful person (her and her family). We recently found out that her father had suffered another stroke. We ask you as we do with everyone else that sends us prayer requests to take the time in your prayer life to lift up another one of God children.

To Everyone at Shine FM: 

Thanks for your prayers. My dad’s name is Vic Gamboa. He suffered his 2nd stroke on Saturday July 31 while they were on vacation in BC. The doctor said it didn’t look good due to the extensive hemorraging in his brain-that was 5 days ago! Praise God because He has other plans. Please pray for complete restoration of my dad’s health and that God will sustain him during his journey of healing. To God
be the glory forever and ever. Amen.