Frostbite Weather

During this cold snap there are a couple of conditions to be aware of…frostbite and hypothermia.  We all know the signs our body gives us when we are at risk:


-shivering (may be absent in later stages)

-lack of feeling in the affected area

-skin that appears waxy

-skin that is cold to the touch


-shivering (may be absent in later stages)


-lack of coordination

-confused or unusual behaviour

-body temperature below 35
C (95F)

The timeline for when either of these sets in depends on several factors including exposure, windchill, wet clothing, inadequate clothing and poor circulation can all contribute to the onset of frostbite.  Also, hypothermia can develop at any temperature below zero.  What to you do to properly warm up? Rubbing the affected area could actually make it worse, so here’s what to do instead:

-remove all wet clothing and put on dry ones

-wrap up in warm blankets

-warm the affected areas in a bathtub with water at 40-42 degrees

-only start to rewarm if futher refreezing can be prevented

-drink lots of water

So there you have it; what to watch out for and how to make a cold situation warmer! Bundle up and keep your face covered as much as possible these next couple of days as it’s gonna be chilly!