Embracing The Season

My first winter, here in Edmonton, has been something I’ve enjoyed experiencing…so far.

 I’m going to venture a guess, and say that this winter is a little mild, compared to some winters past, but I’ll take it.

Growing up in Southern Alberta it wasn’t rare to see snow, but it was rare to see snow stick around from October until spring.  This is something that I am grateful for.

 The next time you feel like complaining about the cold and snow, I will remind you of this…in a Southern Albertan winter, you are in a neverending state of slush.  It snows…it melts…it snows…it melts…and in between all of that, it freezes into harsh ruts, and super slick ice, on the roads.

Now…grab your sled, or your skates, and enjoy the weather…we live in Canada after all…a country known for its snow.