Do You Know Who to Vote for on Monday?

As an Edmontonian, we sure hope you are voting this October 18th (Monday) in the 2010 Edmonton Municipal Elections.


It’s easy y’know! Your vote counts.


Plus, your employer is technically supposed to grant you 3 hours on voting day to cast your ballot.  


This only happens once every 3 years… that’s 1,095 days before you can vote again!


Here are some simple things to keep in mind before election day…


1. You need to be 18 to vote, a Canadian Citizen, and a resident of Edmonton for at least 6 months.


2. Dont forget to bring ID on voting day (your drivers license or passport will do)


3. Make sure you know what ward you’re in (there are 12 here in the city), so you can find out exactly who to vote for! No use in playing ‘multiple choice’ 😉  . See map below.


4. Find out who your favorite city councillor, school trustee, and mayoral candidate is, so you can vote for them on OCT 18.


5. Don’t know who to vote for??? No worries! The "Edmonton Sun" newspaper has posted online a FANTASTIC resource that directs you to each candidate’s webpage, so you can read up on the platforms of the different folks running on Monday’s elections (for mayor, councillor, and school trustee). Click on this link to be directed to the Sun’s Candidate Profile Page:


There you go!  Now go out and vote on Monday, October 18th!


(and if you cant vote because you’re at home sick, or out of town on voting day… The City of Edmonton has something called "Special Ballots", call the city’s line at 311 for more info)


* If you’d like to vote early…


A) You can do so TODAY at City Hall (Oct 4-16, excluding Sundays and Thanksgiving Monday)

B) "Advanced Polling Stations" will be in place OCT 9 & 16 – SATURDAYS – 9am to 4pm.