DIY Summer Camp



A great blog on one mom’s DIY summer camp! There are some really great ideas in here I had to share! 🙂


This is a great site!  





Excerpt of DIY Summer Camp

by: Saren Eyre Loosli



One of our Power of Moms readers sent in a great idea for having specified days for different things. We used her idea to group our long “bucket list” of brainstormed activities into categories for fun family activities each day after the kids finished their “must-do’s”:

  • Make-it Monday (building projects with K’nex and legos or the wood we have in the backyard for the kids to use in building forts, craft projects, art projects, a visit to the library to learn about artists and inventors and engineering – art and building and invention are big things in our family)
  • Take a trip Tuesday (the park, a museum, a bike ride, a field trip to a historic place, a factory tour, a picnic, a friend’s house…We often invited other kids or other families along)
  • Wet Wednesday (swim/go to a spash pad/play in the sprinklers, often with friends and neighbors)
  • Thinking Thursday (research something from our “wondering list” – a list of things we’re wondering about. Last summer we had a great time finding out how to make yogurt, how cars are made, where baby carrots come from and how monster trucks work thanks to YouTube, Wikipedia and library trips)
  • Friend Friday (everyone can have a friend over – nice to do it all at once and protect our family time during most of the rest of the week.  Plus we always have Family Movie Night on Fridays)

To see step-by-step instructions, printable charts, activity lists, photos, and everything you need to create and implement your own Learning Adventures Camp read the full story!