St Albert Alliance

25416 S HWY 633 St. Albert, AB T8N3X8
St Albert Alliance
Phone: (780) 458-5335

Sundays 9:00am & 11:00am

At St. Albert Alliance Church, we take seriously the practical experience of being an apprentice of Jesus. We want to increasingly become a community of people who live like Jesus did, reflecting his day-to-day priorities. The thing about being an apprentice is that it assumes you don’t have everything figured out, that you are in a continual learning posture, that there is still transformation needing to take place. That’s us.

We often wonder, ‘What if an entire community of people sought to become wholehearted apprentices of Jesus? What if it was normal to take our lead from Jesus in every area of life, to engage in the kinds of practices he engaged in, and to allow his Holy Spirit to transform us into his likeness?’