Grace Point

720 - 62 Street SW Edmonton T6X0G3
Grace Point
Phone: (780) 466-8290

Sundays 10:30 am


When we go to church, whether it’s for the first time in years or the first time ever, we long to find a place we can feel at home… a place where we feel safe and welcome…

Welcome to explore Christianity at your own pace
Welcome to bring your children
Welcome to ask tough questions about spiritual matters
Welcome to grow spiritually

For us at GPC, this begins with our weekend services. We are a younger church family that enjoys great music, media presentations, friendly people, messages tied to everyday life, warm community, talking, sharing, and laughing.

The children are welcomed and nurtured by caring leaders in a ministry tailor-made for them. Our guests never have to be concerned about being singled out or about being pressured to give money. We simply encourage you to join us as you enjoy an inspiring morning together with us.