Good News Moravian Church

2 Primrose Blvd. Sherwood Park, AB T8H1G2
Good News Moravian Church
Phone: (780) 467-0337

Sunday 10:30am


Moravians have always been more concerned about practice than doctrine.  We have been more concerned about living the life God wants us to live than developing the perfect doctrine.  Yet, we do have doctrinal statements.  In the Ground of the Unity (our main doctrinal statement), it is clearly stated that Jesus Christ is the leader of the church and that we are called to share God’s love with others.

We proclaim that God’s love has been fully revealed to us in Jesus Christ.  We believe that it is through Jesus that we enter into a relationship with the Triune God.  And it is only within this relationship that we have the possibility of living as we were created to live.

Good News is part of the larger Moravian church which is a global movement that traces its roots back to the 15th century.  The worldwide church is known as the “Unity of Brethren” that began in 1457.  Thus, we are part of the oldest Protestant tradition within the universal Christian Church.