Hollie Taylor

I’m proud to say I’m from right here in Edmonton, which brings with it, both a love of cooler temperatures (but not too cold) and a blind love of the Edmonton Eskimos and Edmonton Oilers. I would consider myself a soccer mom; aka a mom who plays soccer and I look forward to having my daughter watch my games. I also look forward to watching her games and my husband’s football games. You could say staying active and having a healthy lifestyle is a big part of our lives.

I love traveling, especially when it’s for a humanitarian and mission reasons.

I am not a morning person, so I’m thankful I have Johnny to keep me awake first thing in the morning and for the coffee machine in the staff kitchen.

I feel privileged to be at my dream job and intend to never work a day in my life. Do what you love to do! It doesn’t get better than being a part of a community dedicated to encouraging people in their faith and being kind to others!

Photo courtesy of Myla T. Photography