As the weather heats up!

Chocolate is the number one favorite flavor of ice cream, according to a new Harris Poll. 27% said chocolate is their fave while there was a three-way tie for second place with 22% each citing vanilla, cookie dough and cookies and cream. 20% chose butter pecan and Swiss almond, while 17% said mint chocolate chip is best. Other choices include rocky road (14%), strawberry (13%), cherry vanilla (9%), coffee (9%), pistachio (8%) and peanut butter (8%). Want more?

  • 45% like to eat their ice cream in a cup, compared with 29% who prefer a cone, 18% who like it in a sundae and 2% who choose an ice cream sandwich.

  • When it comes to favorite toppings, 57% of those who eat ice cream say it is hot fudge, while 43% say nuts and 40% say whipped cream.

  • Over one-third of North Americans who eat ice cream (35%) say their favorite topping is caramel, while 31% say it is fruit, such as strawberries or bananas.

  • Just under one in five say sprinkles (18%) on top is the best topping, while 13% say candy bits and 12% say marshmallows. Sixteen% don’t use any toppings on their ice cream.