A Ruling In Our Favour

I hope this isn’t a ‘to good to be true’ situation, but announced this morning, the CRTC may have apparently listened to the people. 

We are all aware that in North America, we pay the highest rates on our cell phone plans and roaming charges and until a couple months ago, I thought there was nothing that could be done about it.  It looks like someone lobbied the CRTC and they did an open public hearing to find out what some of our complaints were and the results of the hearing was a new code.  The CRTC’s announcement actually addresses some of our key frustrations that hit us in the pocketbook. 

Some of the highlights from the code: 

  • Terminate their wireless contracts after two years without cancellation fees, even if they have signed on for a longer term.
  • Cap extra data charges at $50 a month and international data roaming charges at $100 a month to prevent bill shock.
  • Have their cellphones unlocked after 90 days, or immediately if they paid for the device in full.

Now we can dare imagine going on vacation and not coming home to a bill that totals our mortgage… for 3 months! Perhaps the future really is friendly. Well… for now! The new code comes into effect Dec 2, 2013 

Full story: http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/story/2013/06/03/business-crtc-wireless.html