7 Shopping Tips to Stay Within Your Budget

Today is Black Friday in the US and in true Canadian fashion, several store chains in Canada will follow suit offering their inventory at "rock bottom" prices.  So how do you stay within your budget when there are so many things to buy and so many sales to temp us into impulse buying? Here are 7 tips for you to think of as you hit the malls.

  • Make a shopping list and stick to it – Perhaps the only way to avoid overspending during the holiday season is to plan out what you want to buy in advance and cling to it no matter what.
  • Veryify your deal – Would you actually use it? After that, assess whether you are really getting a good deal.
  • Beware of rebates – One common mistake; banking too much on rebates. Consider the price you pay before the rebate. That’s what you’ll have to pay in-store. Instant rebates are better of course.
  • Bring a friend – Consider bringing a thrifty friend or family member to shop with you to keep you in check.
  • Use cash instead of credit – A good budget tip to use all year round.
  • Don’t be afraid to wait – The current message stores are sending now is buy buy BUY!!! Keep in mind that you can get most of these items later for just as cheap.
  • Use online comparison tools – Check out this site to compare prices: http://www.pricegrabber.ca