6 Regifting Rules

I’ve done it, Johnny’s done it and maybe you have to.  Regifting is the topic of the day.  Personally, I felt guilty when I regifted a present.  The only time I regift now is when it’s a ‘Texas Gift Exchange’ type event, but maybe it’s something you do often. 


Here are 6 things to keep in mind when regifting according to Louise Fox,
director of Protocol Solutions and The Etiquette Ladies. 

  • The item must be brand-new.
    Not last season, but THIS season. It should be unopened, never
    played with, never worn, washed or tried out.

  • Be sure the person who gave
    you the gift doesn’t know (or know of ) the person receiving the gift.
  • Don’t regift an item just to get rid of it or to avoid spending
    Keep in mind that the
    gift you give is a reflection of you and your taste.
  • Never regift items someone
    has hand-made for you.
    Items created for you have more worth because it’s more than just money invested.  The hurt feelings of the maker far surpass
    the value of the gift should your regifting transgration be discovered.
  • Take the time to rewrap the
    gift and attach new bows or ribbons.
  • Try to have good judgment. Take the person you are giving a gift into consideration and the reason for the gift and follow you gut. Any hint of a ‘no’, visit their wish list and get something new.
  • So there you have it! 6 regifing rules for you to follow this Christmas season and into the New Year.  Keep in mind that the above rules are for when the regifting is "hush hush".  If the item is a family heirloom or upholding a gift tradition of passing something down to various family members, be proud that it’s a regift and also pass along the story of the item and previous owners in celebration of their memory.