5 Poisonus Christmas Plants

As we get ready for Christmas with tasty food and decorations, just a quick reminder about your family pets the dangers the holidays may hold.  Although Christmas plants may be a wonderful addition to your household decor masterpiece, they could make your pets sick. Here are the culprits and what to watch out for. 

1. Poinsettia: This red-leafed plant doesn’t actually live up to all the hype — it’s actually only mildly toxic. However, even mild toxicity can be fatal when combined with other conditions. Better safe than sorry.
3. Mistletoe: While the mistletoe may be a symbol of merry-making, it’s toxic if swallowed — but not as toxic as once believed. Again — better safe than sorry!
3. Holly: Holly berries may be the most attractive to dogs, but the leaves, bark, and seeds are just as poisonous. The effect of holly on dogs is similar to that of caffeine and chocolate.
4. Amaryllis: Less common than the other plants on this list, amaryllis causes abdominal pain and convulsions, so keep an eye out for it!
5. Pine needles: Probably the least of your concerns here, pine needles may cause harm if swallowed, puncturing intestines or stomach lining. The tree oils might irritate mucous membranes, but just keeping your tree area tidy should prevent any problems.

Signs of poisoning may be:
* Abdominal pain
* Coma
* Convulsions
* Diarrhea
* Drooling
* Irregular heartbeat
* Labored breathing
* Lethargy
* Swollen limbs
* Vomiting

If you suspect your dog may have been poisoned, please seek immediate medical attention.