10 Future Car Features

Rumour has it there will be some pretty cool features that we see on cars as a luxury item or we hear being developed that will be available as a standard feature. I like the sounds of this!  Here are 10 to watch out for!

1) Warnings – Even though your car won’t drive itself, it could have the current collision-mitigation system that uses radar to sense when you’re getting too close, going too fast, and give you a visual and auditory warning

2) Cameras – These rearview cameras will gve you a chance to see what is happening behind you.

3) Pedestrian Dections and Night Vision – This feature will bring your car to a full stop if it detects a pedestrian in your path.

4) Easy Cruising – It’s an adaptive cruse control that uses radar to help you keep a safe distance from the car in front of you as you cruise to your desination so you don’ thave to constantly hit your breaks and reset your crusing speed.

5)  Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communitcation – Imagine a world where your car communicated to the other vehicles on the road to let them know you were in the area. That would be an interesting feature!

6) Bluetooth – With the distracted drivers law coming into effect, I think it only a natural that this would be standard feature.  I’m glad it will be…one day!

7) App Central – Hello World Wide Web in my car. What a great idea for those long trips!

8) Fuel-Sipper Tech – You asked for it yesterday and it looks like getting better mileage is on the list.  I like this one, because it will save us money!

9) Advanced Engines – As people buy more and more hybrids, they’re looking to make this a more common thing. I love it when a car drives by and  I barely know its there or seeing those cars where you push a button to have it start. To fun!

10) Exotic Materials – A fancy way of saying finding lighter materials to build cars out of, which will also make them better on gas!