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A little bed time chuckle for you. My socks are safe as I just wear them as I find them matching or not!

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Isn't it so cool how sunflowers always face towards the sun? When I keep my face turned towards the light it is pretty hard not to see the good all around me. God's light shines even in the darkest of corners and finds beauty amongst the broken.

#ShineFM #light #faith #hope #love #spring #renewal #sunflower #sun #shine #positive #together #ShineFamily
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This photo is all over the internet, and for good reason! -Jeff https://t.co/7QKZNLeETR

https://t.co/Y4RtME3Cqx Well it is is pretty much impossible to keep your composure in a moment like that! Did you… https://t.co/h88u1ef2sN



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Third Day

Lead singer Mac Powell and guitarist Mark Lee formed the band in Georgia the early ’90s. They called themselves “Third Day” because Jesus rose from the dead of the third day. In 1993 they released their first independent album called Long Time Forgotten. That year they played shows in the area until they saved $3000, enough to record a full-length indie album called Contagious in 1994. The following year they were signed to a small independent record label called Grey Dot Record and released a self-titled album. 

It wasn’t long before the band was signed by a major label, and in 1996 they released their first album with Reunion Records, which was also self-titled, Third Day. Their second studio album was their fifth album altogether, and with five members in the band and at a time when everyone was talking about conspiracy theories, they called their new album Conspiracy no. 5. That was followed by Time in 1999. The band was becoming popular, not only in North America, but around the world, as they collaborated on a “City on a Hill” worship album and their own Offerings: A Worship Album.

In 2001 Third Day released Come Together, followed by Offerings II: All I Have to Give  (2003), then Wire the following year. That year they also had a song featured on the soundtrack to The Passion of the Christ, and an in-concert album called Live Wire. Their next album was called Wherever You Are (2005).

In 2006 they released a seasonal album called Christmas Offerings. In 2007 Third Day re-released some of their hits in two best-of albums. They then went back to the studio for Revelation (2008). That was followed by another in-concert album Live Revelations

Third Day was inducted into the Georgia Music Hall Of Fame on September 19, 2009. Third Day’s latest album is called Move (2010).

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Apostles’ Continuation Church International of Edmonton

We are a growing church that is welcome to all who are seeking God. Our motto is walk by faith, not by sight.